Wasting Criticism

I’ve been watching the Diamond Jubilee so far with mixed feelings, part of me loves being British and having the history of belonging in my bones; part of me worries about the cost of the river pageant and how effective it was; all of me admires the Queen though.

When I try to align my feelings between the interesting comments of the detractors on social networking sites and the news, and those of the definite royalists I fall somewhere in the middle. However, I’m not prepared to get riled up without all the information to hand.

Some of the questions that leave me firmly on the fence are:

• How much did it actually cost?
• Did the Queen contribute, if so how much?
• Did the Commonwealth contribute, if so how much?
• Was lottery money used? (Better than taxpayer’s limited funds.)
• Were jobs created?
• Were jobs created outside London as well?
• Did master craftsmen benefit from the increased publicity?
• Was there a benefit to London as there has been in other areas with the Olympics?
• Were tourism numbers up?
• How many extra hotel rooms were sold? How many extra restaurant meals were bought? Have the shops benefitted?
• Where does the money from the memorabilia go?
• Have any charities benefitted?
• Did people have a wonderful time and happy memories to recall?

These are the kind of things I would want facts on before I allowed anger to start eating away at me.

The problem with anger is that it needs to be useful. I sometimes feel that when people express their anger on social networking sites that the anger is going nowhere. No good is coming of it, no action will be taken.

It’s just a string of comments that serve the posters not at all and just create more dissention in a world that must surely have had enough of that by now! When will humanity start focussing on the positive and solving the issues that really need solving?

When you decide to become angry and don’t have all the facts, whether that’s within your circle of family and friends, at work, or national issues, then you may be becoming angry for no reason at all.

For all we know the Jubilee has raised or will raise millions, created jobs, supported charities, highlighted causes, promoted our workforce and brought in tourism for the whole country. You just don’t know.

When you decide to become angry and post witty and sarcastic comments on social networking sites you are also creating the image that those who just stumble on your posts will see, and also people who know you will see and react to. No matter the subject matter you might be creating a reaction towards you that you won’t like.

Most importantly though, it’s a medical and emotional fact that anger eats away at you inside and does your mind and body no good. If you don’t believe me ask yourself how great you feel when you’re angry. How is your bile?

No matter what subject upsets you, work out what you can do with the anger to use it as a force to solve the problem, and get facts. At least know that you have a reason to be feeling this most unpleasant of emotions.

Why does this matter though? Why is it important only to feel logical and righteous anger and then use that anger as a force for good? Simple:

Because “Holding on to anger and bitterness is like taking poison and waiting for someone else to die”. (Unknown)

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights and accurate information


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