Mediumship – Good, Bad & Indifferent.

This is one of my redressing the balance blogs.

I was reading a thread today on the subject of Mediumship and there were a few chosen comments by a Medium about how other Mediums are not as good as them, the word fraudulent was used.  Nothing makes me more angry than reading something like that especially when it comes from a Medium.

I have high standards for my work and I do my utmost every time I work to provide solid evidence for the person in front of me, if I can’t I stop, it’s as simple as that.  However, those are my standards and mine alone, and I’m lucky to have them.  Why lucky?  Because I was fortunate enough to be able to spend over £2000.00 and weeks and weekends of my life training.  I had sufficient money, a supportive husband with a good career and no children to worry about.

There is another reason that I was lucky.  I already had a Spirit Guide even though I had no idea that I was a potential Medium or what equalled good training, that Guide got me to the right place for my training.  I went with a national group and I learned from that group that there was something called a circle.  It sounded like a great idea so I went and found the only local circle in my area.

The difference was immense.  The training was totally different, far from as exacting as I was used to and I found that I couldn’t work in the way that circle worked.   What was clear was that there was a certain amount of knowledge about platform work missing, because the circle leader had been taught by a local circle leader, who’d been taught by a local circle leader and so on.  The circle was by no means substandard and turned out two of the best Mediums that I’ve ever seen to this day, and no you won’t have heard of them.

Part of my gratitude for being guided towards national training was that I had a lot of different tutors and therefore was offered a great variety of information and approach, something I wasn’t getting locally (because they didn’t know, not because they didn’t care).

Having had that wonderful national training experience you might think that I go to see other Mediums and sit there in judgment.  But why would I?

I always remember that it’s my decision to work that way and it’s up to my audience or client to decide if that standard works for them, not me.  No matter how good a Medium may think they are if the audience or client isn’t happy then your training and ability count for nothing.  I also know that I have no right to set the standards of Mediumship; I know that I have no right to judge.  Even were I a better Medium that doesn’t necessarily make me a better person, and if I’m judging I certainly wouldn’t be the person I want to be.

I remember that I don’t know how that person is feeling that day.  Has someone just died and as a Medium they are trying to walk their talk and demonstrate their sincere beliefs by not taking the night off?  Are they ill?  Did they try to cancel but couldn’t be replaced so came anyway?  Was there an upset before they left home, or a horrible drive in bad weather, a near accident that has shocked them?  Are they exhausted because they do too much?  So many questions!

Here are more questions – did that person have the money, the support and the freedom to get the best training?  Did they get poor training because as a complete beginner they didn’t know that their training was substandard?  Do they know now?  Not everyone can hob-nob with the best in the world, and when ordinary Mediums go to see the likes of Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell (in no particular order of brilliance) would they feel that those two are so good that no ordinary person could even begin to approach that standard so they don’t try and they wouldn’t think to say ‘help me’?

Finally there is one thing that will always shut me up and that is – if Mediums criticise each other and use words like fraudulent; if they walk around with such huge case-loads of self-importance that no one can match their standards how on God’s good earth can we expect to silence the cynics, when our own field is telling our own field that we’re not good enough?

Or here’s another question, should all Mediums be Spiritual workers?

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


If you’re judging others for any reason whatsoever then expect to be found wanting yourself,  that’s the way the Spirit World teaches us the error of our ways :-).

2 thoughts on “Mediumship – Good, Bad & Indifferent.

  1. Well done for saying this!!!! I was just saying why is it that the international mediums are so fab????? There are enough really good mediums everyweek who don’t have ego…. They don’t charge the earth…. It saddens me that there is ego… As you say, we should be spiritual !!! It’s about helping others, not helping themselves!!!

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