Getting Past the 5 Senses and Using Psychic Ability

I teach Psychic Mediumship and Spiritual and Personal Development, and one of the exercises my students hate with a passion is one where they’re supposed to tell me who or what is in a sealed envelope.

They feel that they can’t do it if they have no idea whether the person is alive or dead, famous or infamous, or if they don’t know what the person is known for.  If they haven’t been to see a building with their own eyes they feel that they cannot know anything about it and therefore can’t pick up on it.

If you want to use your Psychic ability, in other words if you want to scratch the surface of life and know what’s really going on, then you need to get past the idea that knowledge is everything, that your eyes are the only things that see and if you haven’t seen it with your own eyes then it can’t be a known quantity.

If you have the courage to dismiss everything that you thought you knew.  If you’re willing to understand that book learning is useful but not the be-all and end-all, to really emotionalise the idea that a human being is much more than what is visible, then you will find yourself able to move forward and use your own intuition in practical ways that make living life easier.

In other words, if you’re prepared to start understanding life with your feelings rather than just your mind.

When people relax and just allow pictures to come into their minds they can describe places they’ve never seen, people from photographs that are sealed in envelopes, and many other things.

You might wonder why on earth anyone would want to do any of this and it’s a good question.  We do it because we don’t want to be limited by our upbringing, because we want to see all the possibilities in life and be able to take advantage of the best ones for us.  Because we want to look at other people and see them in the best light rather than judging by their mood without knowing what’s going on with them.

We want to go into business meetings with our gut instinct on full power and utilise it in decision-making.  You’re probably thinking “OMG, gut instinct decisions in business, how absurd and impractical!”  Not at all.

We are creatures of instinct, feeling and emotion for a reason.  I would be the last person to dismiss my logic, ignore my thoughts, or fail to process important decisions logically based on financial and practical considerations.  However, we often worry about money so much that we miss a perfectly good opportunity that would reap rewards because our immediate reaction is that we can’t afford it or it might be a risk.

If, however, we weigh the risks financial or otherwise, then check with our hearts to see if they’re singing a happy song, then check with our gut instinct to make sure it isn’t screaming ‘flee’, we can make far better practical life decisions.

You see, if the decision is financially or practically wrong your heart won’t sing, your gut instinct will yell ‘flee’ and your mind will be issuing a firm ‘don’t’.  The only reason the heart and gut instinct will disagree with the mind is if fear is involved.

So, always get all the financial facts, check in with your emotions and gut instinct, really sit down and think about things very carefully weighing all the pros and cons.  If the figures stack up, you can’t see any practical problems, and you feel excited and raring to go but your mind is saying “ooooh…I don’t know” then look for fear and check to see if that fear is real or perceived.

That’s why we do this training, to help others to see that they can use the whole of their ability as a human being to make good decisions that are practical, sensible and also make you happy.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


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