Love is All We Need: So Start Being It!

“If you judge people you have no time to love them”  Mother Teresa

Love is all there is.  Love makes the world go round.  All you need is love.  Love is all you need.  “Love thy neighbour as thyself”and so on. If that’s the case and we know all that, why isn’t there more of it?

You’ll all be aware of these sayings, two of them utilised in Beatles’ songs, one from the bible, and there are many more going back centuries.  Which means that for centuries humanity has known that love is the most important emotion on the planet, and done very little about it, in fact you might say the opposite.

The vast majority of people worry personally as to whether they will find true love, will “I find the one” emphasis on I of course, and spend their lives on the hunt for someone good enough to be considered the one no matter what they do.  Many, many people love animals and try to help the animal kingdom, many others give their time to charities and to the caring professions.  Yet there still isn’t enough love.

Love needs to reside in every mind, it requires every mind in the world to believe that it’s a worthwhile emotion, and it requires every mind in the world to understand that at heart everyone wants the same things.  Love understands that killing one group of people because they’re different is wrong not just because you wouldn’t like it done to you, but because love allows no room for you to judge anyone as being unworthy of life for any reason; or anyone as being unworthy of love for any reason.

It worries me that in the 21st Century in a time we consider ourselves to be enlightened, in the West where we are largely fortunate and the majority of people live above the bread line, that more people aren’t committed to bringing about a more loving world.

You will find those who say they are and who work very hard to do this, and you will find many others who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.  But how might one do that?

With every shred of your being every moment of your day every day of your life without hesitation, apology or judgement.  That’s how.  Love has to be a 100% commitment, half measures aren’t good enough, and there are too many intellectual compromises and half measures.

Many find it easy to love partners, children, family, friends and animals, but give little thought to people outside those close personal relationships.   People talk about how the world should be more loving and then do things such as stab a colleague in the back to get a promotion; take out their frustration as a boss on the people who work for them and can’t fight back; bully people at school and in the workplace; leave an animal in the back garden all day regardless of whether the external conditions and temperature are favourable; leave someone stuck in a side road so that their car can be 15 feet further forward; neglect disabled, elderly and frail neighbours.  Small ways, big ways, thoughtless ways, uncaring ways, there are so many ways that human beings just forget about love.

You might notice that I haven’t once mentioned the heart,the organ most associated with love.  That’s because the heart is an organ that pumps blood around the body and keeps us alive.  The emotion of love centres in the chest area because of the Heart Chakra – the emotional energy centre – and it feels perfectly logical to me that the centre of loving emotion in the body should be in close proximity to the organ most associated with keeping us alive.

However, loving action comes from the proximity of the other organ most associated with our continued existence, the brain.  The mind being located somewhere in the head and therefore in the general area of the brain.  The area associated with both the Crown Chakra (link to the Spirit World and our Spiritual Existence) and the Third Eye (the gate to the inner realms and higher consciousness, which of course has to include unconditional love).

I don’t want to focus on the heart when it comes to love because it is our thoughts that create our behaviour, if we’re busy judging others as being wanting we are not sending towards them loving thoughts that will bring out the best of them.  If we’re too busy talking about how loving we are and how much we believe in love and not sufficiently busy doing love then we’re not translating that right thinking into action.  And thought without action is just exercise for the mind.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”  Marcus Aurelius

He might have gone on to say that other people’s lives will be greatly affected by our thoughts.

In order to create and receive love we need to be loving.  That doesn’t include being so wrapped up in our own lives, interests, family, friends, pets, work, etc, that we are unaware of the needs of others or the planet.  It does mean that “we’re all human” means something and “there but for the grace of God go I” should be applied every time we feel that someone else has slighted or wronged us.  We can all fall flat on our faces in life and we need to be ready to pick others up and love them the way they are.

Why should we receive love personally, all for ourselves, if we’re not prepared to give love to a less fortunate world?  Why do we deserve so much in the way of love and having a loving environment if we’re prepared only to give love when it might bring us a happy home life and friends to play with, in return?  This includes resisting the impulse to insult disembodied individuals on social networking sites and remembering that blocking someone is a harsh thing to do and should be reserved for situations where all appeals to kindness have failed. Social networking is proof that failure to love is so insidious that it’s even found its way onto the Internet and inanimate objects like computers.

We need to be on high alert at all times not only to ensure that our mind stays in the most loving space possible but that we translate those loving thoughts into right action.  We must never rest on our laurels and never give up our quest to be a more loving person no matter what other people do.  Never feel that love cannot stand up against violence, greed, envy and indifference,it has to it’s as simple as that.

I’ll leave you with the words of William Shakespeare who knew this over 400 years ago.

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”
― William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night’s Dream

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and the courage and determination to have a loving mind


2 thoughts on “Love is All We Need: So Start Being It!

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  2. Thank you, I am glad it helped. I will be posting more regularly from now on. Best wishes to you.

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