Attitude IS Everything

This might just be the bluntest blog I’ve ever written, so hold on to your hat and remember that it’s written to help.

Attitude is everything isn’t an old-fashioned cliché it’s one of the simple truths of life that gets lost amidst the complications that our minds create.  It would be a mistake to think that your words or even your thoughts create your attitude, they don’t.  Your words are a reflection of the logic of your thoughts run through a politically correct filter of a person trying to appear to be a nice/kind/good/positive/happy/Spiritual person (if none of those words feel right insert your own).

Your attitude is in reality created by your feelings towards the world we live in and life itself.  Not people, not the actions of people, not animals, not the planet, your attitude towards actually being alive on this planet in the here and now.

Think for a moment about Facebook and the posts you see allegedly from positive people.  Many of those posts will be telling you how that person is a force for positivity in amongst all the horrible negativity that is everywhere on a ruined planet populated by mostly negative people, many of whom do nothing but chase money and possessions without a single thought for the rest of humanity.  That sort of thing.  Even putting words like that in so called positive posts indicates a deep inner level of negativity towards life and people.

Let’s talk about negativity for a moment, sometimes it’s the right response to the current situation and if you don’t embrace and face it you won’t be able to move on.  As I’ve said time and time again negativity can be your greatest teacher.  The important thing to realise about such negativity is that it isn’t negative, it’s a real response to a difficult situation in which you find yourself that needs a genuine but positive answer generated as quickly as possible.  All the time you’re fighting the ‘N’ word and the accompanying feelings you won’t be seeking that solution.  So lose your fear of negativity and allow it to be your greatest teacher.

Then watch your words.  If you’re posting things like “although I’ve been stabbed in the back numerous times by millions of people I still love everyone” that’s an anger post run through the acceptability filter trying to make you into a kind and loving person when all you really want to do is lay on the floor and scream “it’s not fair!!!!”

If you want to move into the new world age then changing your attitude towards life has to be done at an emotional level, then brought up to the logical level in order to work out how to be it, and then manifested in everything you say…but what you say has to be real otherwise it won’t appear in what you do.

If you’re hurt say so and admit it, then get past it.  Don’t try to be endlessly loving if someone has hurt you and the endless love isn’t in you.  Ask the Universe or the Angels to help you to let the person go without anger and to bring in the unconditional love to you and that person that you feel incapable of manifesting at that time.  It will help you to heal and help them to feel free of the link of anger between you and therefore move on.

The Universe understands that we as humans struggle with the finer feelings of the Spirit World and they will always be willing to heal with love if you accept your negative feelings and ask for help.  The Universe also understands that we chose this human existence with all its difficulties and knows that we need help, help we cannot ask for and receive in our hearts until we have honestly recognised the need for that help.

The vital thing to remember is that the Universe will only ever reflect your truth.

So let’s get back to your attitude towards life, if you’re screwed up by it, if it’s led you to believe that this world is full of bad people doing evil things around every corner; that no one can be trusted and friends are just there to stab you in the back, then that attitude will manifest in everything you feel, think, do and say.  You might think the world is against you but your subconscious will be looking for people to prove that to you and goodness knows there are enough people with the wrong attitude who will be happy to do so.  Change your emotions!

A bit of realism…

Did you know that there is a register that people with their own private jets can join?  Can you imagine what the register is for?  It isn’t to allow people who want a swanky journey to travel the world by hiring someone elses’ swanky plane.  Oh no.  They loan out their jets to do things such as deliver rescue teams to areas of natural disaster, to fly organs for transplant, to fly home people injured abroad who could not travel on a commercial jet.  Think about people such as Sir Elton John and Bill Gates to name but two.  Think of the money these people give, the time they give, and the profile they give to causes that need their help.  If you’re thinking “well it’s ok for them they have the time and money” stop and think for a moment.  They didn’t when they were born.  They worked hard, manifested their natural talents, generated a lot of cash and then they did something with the cash and the time that they have created.  Many of the wealthy are good people very aware of the problems facing others and only too willing to do something about it.  They wouldn’t even think about grinding the poor into the dust because they’re too busy solving real problems that people without the money to generate they time can’t solve.

Let’s think about money?  The root of all evil?  Rubbish, it’s an energy that can be used as a force for good or a force for evil depending on the attitude of the person who has the money, and that of course is generated by their emotions.  People who are full of anger, holding on to hurt, and who have the attitude that life is out to get them and it’s their job to get life back will do bad things with inanimate objects.  Hurt people.  But nothing inanimate can ever be blamed for the attitude of the person handling it.

So is the world full of bad people.  Of course it isn’t.  It’s full (7+ billion times full) of ordinary people getting on with their everyday lives not even thinking about doing harm to anyone; a tiny few of whom are so screwed up that doing damage is their only response to life, and of course those few make headlines.

At the end of the day if you want to believe that the world is a bad place it will be.  If you want to believe that rich people whom you don’t know, and have no idea of what they do to help others, are all bad people then that is how you will see them and that attitude driven by your own emotions will colour your ability to function in this world (mainly because that takes you down the route of money being evil and only bad people wanting money therefore you can’t have money because you want to be a good person and consequently all the people who have it are bad and you have to dislike them so you will and then you’ll feel bad because you’re worried all the time and so it goes on…and on…and on…)  That’s the kind of thing negative emotions do to your thinking and those thoughts control your life.

Those thoughts also attract into your life people who reflect them right back at you!

We’re moving into the Age of Aquarius and for the higher mind to come into being we all have to be scrupulously honest with ourselves about what we feel and then question those feelings and ask whether we know that those feelings are right.

So many people are operating on ancestral thought patterns without ever asking “do I know this to be true?” or “how does what someone else does prevent me from living a positive happy life”.  Human children accept the attitude of their parents often without ever stopping to question.

Stop and question.

The long and the short of this blog is – change your emotions then change your attitude then go out and find the people who have the same positive attitude that you do.  But most importantly, get to know your true self without judgement and with acceptance…from there all change is possible.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Successful 2013


One thought on “Attitude IS Everything

  1. THanks Deb, you put that very succinctly and beautifully. I have been doing these things over the past few days and had a wonderful opportunity yesterday, when we served 143 meals to the lonely and homeless of Glastonbury. It was such a real joy to see the happy faces of well-fed people whom you know may not have a meal every day even… Yes, attitude IS everything, and I am working on mine to get it right – loving and open to all people, whether I understand their way of life or not! And if they hurt me, I will get out of their way – hopefully without hurting them back!

    Much love to you and thanks for sharing your great ideas! 🙂

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