All Change

As my followers will be aware this page used to be called Deb Hawken Author, but recently I’ve started a new style of work that is not only important to me, I realise that it it and has always been the underlying focus of my work.  I feel now that it should be the overarching focus of everything I do.

That is – The Campaign for Kindness (C4K).

Kindness is an often underrated emotion that has more far reaching effects that you might think about, the more I work with the idea of kindness the more I realise how much of an effect it can have on your everyday life, the people around you and how you treat them which will of course be mirrored in how they treat you, the planet, animals, your driving, supermarket trolley courtesy, and a myriad of other small things that all add up together to an amazing life.

I’ve not been blogging much recently because I’ve had the sense that I’ve not been saying what I want to say.  Now I know what I want to say I will try to be more regular in my communication.

Please check out my Facebook Page:

And you can also find a little information on my website, until I finish my book I won’t be putting the new C4K website together so I’ve put the information on my main site:


Happy smiling


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