The Campaign for Kindness (C4K) – Step 1

“The Campaign for Kindness:  A Simple Path to Change”

Hello All

For many years Kindness has been the word I’ve used to guide my life: kindness to others, to animals, to the planet, and to myself.  Yes to myself, because the happier I am the better I am for the people around me, but of course self has to come last on the list.  More about why it’s on the list later.

As a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Writer and Inspirational Speaker (not necessarily in that order) I’ve long thought that my focus for my work would come from one of those callings, yet when I was suddenly inspired to start the C4K I realised that for me this is what it’s all about.  Because above and beyond anything I want to see as many people in the world happy and living in abundance as possible.  A tall order I know, but world peace really matters to me.

I feel that everything I do fits neatly under the banner of kindness, because it is something that cannot be displayed without integrity, honesty, tolerance, understanding, humility, gratitude, courage, wisdom, living your truth, and indeed – happiness.  Helping an individual to feel better about their own lives is a way of expressing kindness in the world, because  kind people demonstrate how not to hurt others, happy people encourage others to be happy, and happy people find it easier to be kind.

You can’t have kindness without truth, there is nothing kind about lying even to save hurt, the truth can always be told gently.  You can’t express kindness without tolerance, integrity, determination, gentleness, standards of behaviour, Spirituality, peace, happiness, listening (and hearing), being present and noticing what is going on, being happy yourself in order to be a great person to be around, and finally without courage and wisdom.  Because it takes a lot of courage to be kind when aggression is generally accepted to be one method of displaying strength, and it takes a lot of wisdom to really know and understand what kindness actually is and then find a way through the chaos that is human life in order to express kindness in a positive and real way.

A real way?

Yes, because kindness can never be a fake emotion, if you fake it you will get caught out because you won’t walk your talk.  Kindness is something that calls on you to stand up for yourself and others, to refuse to be downtrodden because you know that will hurt and worry those you love, to leave a job where you know you are a miserable colleague because you hate the place.  I could go on but you get the drift.

Widening this out from the personal to the global, I have always sincerely believed that there will not be world peace until each parent teaches their child that violence achieves nothing and there is no strength or honour in being a bully (globally or otherwise).  A lesson the 20th Century taught us in abundance.

So my mission is, through my work, to help people to be happy, to heal grief, take control of their own lives, and spread a positive message around the world.

You might be thinking “come on, she’s just a middle-aged English Medium, how can she possibly believe that she can contribute to something as huge as world peace?”

You might be right, but that won’t stop me trying and not being famous shouldn’t stop every single human being on this planet trying.  The famous might have more power to get their voice out there, but it doesn’t mean that ordinary people shouldn’t stand up and be counted too.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights has never meant more




One thought on “The Campaign for Kindness (C4K) – Step 1

  1. Wendy Stokes says:

    Kindness is the most valuable possession someone can have. If someone does not have kindness, money, looks, influence, nothing matters or ever will as much as kindness. It is the most valuable commodity on the planet 🙂

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