Why Kindness?

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”  Mark Twain

When we think about world peace we think about something so huge that to the ordinary person on the street may feel that they have no way to contribute towards making the world a better place, everything is such a mess they just wouldn’t know where to start; especially if you start thinking about the concept of peace.

We know what it is but how to achieve it?  How to make the angry or disenfranchised give up their guns, their violence, their rigid belief systems that they would be lost without and somehow feel they have to shed blood or seek total control of others in order to protect those beliefs.  How on earth do you get the feeling of peace through to people who are afraid to be without guns, fear others in the world so much, are scared to have their religious or political beliefs challenged, or have lived such a hard and unpleasant life they can’t trust anyone?

Only through kindness.  Only if you teach your children kindness.  Kindness can only spread if as many people as possible teach it to as many people as possible, starting at home.

World peace is a huge thing but kindness is simple and it belongs on every street, in every home, in every office, in cities, in villages and in the wilderness.  It belongs on every continent and there is a word for it in every language.  It’s a good place to begin and that’s why I’m beginning.

لطف – Arabic; yaxşılıq – Azerbaijani; дабрыня – Belarusian; доброта – Bulgarian; 


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