Psychic Prediction Versus Meaning

As a Psychic Medium I often find myself mulling over things that ten seconds ago hadn’t even entered my head, then suddenly, out of the ether a fully formed thought pops into my mind.  These thoughts often stop me in my tracks due to their sheer wisdom, and I find that I have to give them some serious thought in order to wring all the understanding out of them, and it can take days.

The one that popped in this morning was “There is a great deal of difference between the accuracy of Psychic prediction and the Meaning of the event.”  If I tell you that I was painting the windowsill in the bedroom at the time and the only thing on my mind was wishing myself onto a Caribbean beach, you will understand how surprised I was.  Particularly as I’m not a predictive Psychic anyway, I prefer to offer guidance rather than prediction.

At least now I had something to take my mind off how much I loathe decorating!  But what did it mean?

As I wrestled with this concept I began to realise that yes it is possible for some people to say that a specific thing will happen at a specific time in the future, my own birth was predicted by a Romany Gipsy with a great deal of accuracy, as was my brother’s birth 7 years later and the loss of my beloved Grandfather between those two events.  However, there is a huge gulf between knowing what will happen and understanding the meaning of the life event.

For example…you’re going to meet Miss/ter Right in June.  That’s fine, it probably will happen, but does that mean that you’re going to be the Right person for that person?  Let’s face it, we all think in terms of meeting the right person for ME, but how many ever consider that they’re also going to have to BE the right person?

I’m not saying that no one does think about this, I certainly know enough people who do, it’s just one example.  The other might be a new job or a house move.  However, knowing that those things can happen doesn’t necessarily direct us to the right job or new home.  That’s something we have to work out for ourselves and to do that we need to consider the meaning in our lives at that time behind the predicted event.  Let’s face it, no one should have a baby because Tarot cards say so unless they have carefully considered whether they want a baby or not.  This is a life entering the world.

So, I’ve got as far as knowing how important it is if something is predicted to take the next step yourself and work out the meaning of such an event in your life at that time.  Never, ever assume that the basic facts are any more than the tip of the iceberg.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and a life full of positive meaning



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