Mind, Body, Spirit – The Forgotten You!

I don’t believe in the existence of mind, body, spirit as a fact, for me it’s true.  It’s something that is part of who I am and was taught to me at a time in my life that I really needed to be different.  Not just make a few surface of cosmetic changes but actually become an entirely different person.  At the time I would have said to you that it was the only way for me to continue to survive.  Now I would say to you that it was the only way to clear the clutter of my upbringing and influences and become me.

Sound odd?  Stop and think about it for a moment.  Who are you?  Are you what you were raised to believe in or did you rebel against your parents’ ideas?  Does what your friends and acquaintances say about you sometimes feel wrong?  As if they’re literally trying to shove a square peg into the round hole of their life experience?  Something that they believe to be you but something that doesn’t feel like any you that you know.

There is a you inside your heart and it’s not influenced by any beliefs that others may have thrown at you in the past.  It doesn’t believe what anyone says about you, it doesn’t accept what anyone feels about you.  It remains a small kernel of hope and determination deep inside your inner truth that holds on to who you were meant to be and doesn’t give in.

When clients come to me in a mess one of the first things I know I’m going to hear is that someone somewhere doesn’t support what they want to do or who they are.  The other thing I will hear is that their parents said or did things when they were young that screwed them up and they’re still affected now.

All this is true of everyone and it does have a very real and sometimes devastating effect on people.  But you have to let it go and you do that by learning to uncover that kernel of determination in your heart and letting it grow into the person that you really are.

I describe that kernel as Spirit, you may want to call it truth, or even reality.  To change into that person can be done, I’ve done it.

Deb Hawken – Professional Mentor working on all levels to uncover the real you
Why be miserable, stressed or unhappy any longer, change it NOW!

http://www.debhawken.com; email deb@debhawken.com.


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