Mind, Body, Spirit: Be Integrated!

Or, mind, body, spirit 2!  Or even a brief extract from my book!

Having said in the last blog why being mind, body, spirit is real to me let me now share the way I believe that the sum of the parts should hang together!  So working backwards…


Something we’re supposed to return to without appearing from in the first place.  Something the sceptics would have us believe is impossible and the scientists so far can’t find. Yet many people the world over in different cultures and religions believe that there is more to life than this, and that we are more than we can see in a mirror.

However, just in case you don’t believe in all that, let’s say that you do believe in intuition or gut reaction, and like many human beings have ignored your gut instinct at your peril. Shall we say that this gut instinct or intuition could be classed as your Spiritual self, or your Spiritual self manifests as gut instinct/intuition.  It can’t do any harm to say that so let’s go with it.

As I said, you’ve probably ignored that gut reaction at your peril, you know that your stomach speaks to you and gets very uncomfortable, physically tense, when you’re about to do something that you know full well is not in your best interests.  So whatever you wish to call it something exists that speaks to you.


The mind can be almost dismissed by Spiritual people who act as if it’s a minion of the anti-christ leading you away from your true self to be swallowed whole by materialism and modern society.  I disagree; as far as I’m concerned you can’t find the mind in an autopsy anymore than you can find a feeling, a breath, or of course a Spirit.  Logic tells me that all these elements of the human being disappear off to a better place together when the time is right.  In a world that requires logic and commonsense I think it’s just plain daft to dismiss the mind as some kind of untrustworthy, corporate storyteller.


Ah, the chubby thing, or the skinny thing, or the thing with bits where you don’t want them which are the only parts you see when you look in a mirror.  The bulging tummy; the hooked nose; the over generous lips; knobbly knees and wonky toes.  The one with the hair that won’t do anything you want it to and either frizzes or flops at the merest sign of a puff of wind or a single water droplet in the air.  In other words your early warning system.

We all use clichés such as “pain in the neck” or “shouldering a burden”, “I couldn’t stomach it” or “I can’t digest that”, but we don’t realise that these apparent clichés tell us one simple truth.  The body reacts to the mind’s unhappiness, stress or tension.  I once visited a GP of over 26 years experience who told me that although he, obviously, believed in the existence of illness because he’s seen it, however he did firmly that the mind put out a message of stress of some kind and if we didn’t listen then the mind put out a message through the body.  This, of course, is a prevalent belief in the Spiritual field.  


Even though it doesn’t really have an accepted place in the mind, body, spirit scheme of things we cannot ignore emotions.  We talk about emotions being located in the heart, but of course we mean the centre of the chest (or heart Chakra) rather than the actual physical pump.  We feel our emotions in the central chest and stomach area, and like the messages from our gut, the thoughts in our mind and the tension or stress in our body, these emotions should never be ignored.  Integration just doesn’t allow any part of us to be dismissed as worthless or irritating.


When I pull all this together it tells me that if you want to live a comfortable and happy life you need to be a fully functioning, fully integrated human being.  A being who uses their logic to come up with an idea, tests it against their emotional reactions, takes it down to their gut (or Solar Plexus) and runs it past their gut instinct or Spiritual self, sees if that idea is setting up any tension in their body, and then brings all that back to the mind for processing and decision-making.

As a sensible person, as you proceed down the byways of life following the path of your decisions, you will be running a programme in the background testing your reactions with those four very important aspects of your being, in order to ensure as much success, abundance, happiness, joy and excellent health as it is possible for one human being to manifest.

It’s a very sensible and practical way to live.

Deb Hawken – Professional Mentor and person who believes in using every tool at her disposal in order to live the happiest possible life (and why not!)


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