Questioning Spirit

No this isn’t a discussion about the relevant merits of whisky versus a decent brandy or kick butt rum!  It’s about people questioning the existence of Spirituality, gut instinct or intuition and why that’s a pointless waste of time.

Questioning Your Self (deliberate spelling)

If you have a feeling inside you then that feeling is real.  It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else, but if you feel it then it exists and therefore it is real.  If you choose to ignore that feeling, whatever it is you are ignoring something about yourself.  All very obvious of course.  The important thing to take from this is, that it is YOU that you are choosing to ignore, and it doesn’t make sense to pretend that something that is happening doesn’t exist.

But Spirituality is a Delusion?

Is it?  Is anyone sure?  How can that be proved?

Think about this for a moment, if something feels to you like an older, wiser, gentler more Spiritual part of yourself that is clear about who you are and what you want to do, what is wrong with that?  This part of you sounds like a jolly nice person who won’t manifest into this world and promptly start a war about religion, territory, food, lipstick or whether brown is the new black.   If it feels like a nicer, wiser side of you what is the problem with that?

Gut Instinct Can’t be Trusted?

Why not?  I would agree that instinct should be tested against logic but by the same token it’s an in-built self-preservation programme that we should be grateful to have, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s saying “wrong job”, “wrong car”, “wrong relationship”, what’s the harm in listening to it?  In fact how many times have you ignored it at your peril?

Other People Will Think I’m Nuts!

Don’t tell them then.  If you are finding this part of you is developing and wants you a) to take notice of it, b) to act on it’s impetus, and c) to do something with it, then test it out. Other people will always have opinions but there is only one important question:  How will you feel if you ignore what you are feeling?  Will you feel like you?

Stop Worrying

At the end of the day Spirituality, intuition and gut instinct are just parts of the human condition.  However you may view them everyone has these abilities and there’s nothing unusual about them.  Just be you and take no notice of other people.  If someone else feels that what you’re going through is weird, wrong or not right for them then as long as you are happy, peaceful, feeling better about life and more energetic all is right with your world.

P.S. – The Voices

Just a quick aside, I hope I’ve stressed very clearly in this blog that Spirituality and Spiritual instincts and feelings are about everything that is right with the world.  The inner voice is a happy, gentle, caring one.  People, animals,healing,  care of the planet, world peace all become big and real issues to people who think Spiritually.  We never hear bad voices telling us to do harm so if someone you know is experiencing something like that, that’s a completely different issue and make sure they see a doctor as quickly as they can.

Deb Hawken – Personal Change Manager Specialising in Relationships

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