Thinking about The Law of Attraction

images (1)When I study something it isn’t so that I can put it on my website and make it part of my work, I study to find out about things, to see how they work, to discover whether they’re worth working with, and only when I feel that I’ve ‘got it’ myself do I widen that work out into the public domain.

The Law of Attraction wasn’t something that I understood easily, I read quite a few books on it, looked at other people’s thoughts and opinions, observed whether it worked for myself and others, tried and misfired (hence the article about me in a mainstream magazine that turned out to be in Auto Express which is not the natural home of Life Coaches, Writers and Mediums), and then I undertook and passed one course and am part-way through the advanced level.  It’s very simple but sometimes that simplicity is turned into complexity in the human mind until it becomes too hard for us to understand purely because it’s so simple.  That’s when we start missing the point.

An easy beginning point is:  Keep your mind in a good place at all times, when a bad thought pops in let it go and refocus on the life you want.  Picture it in detail.  Hold the image.

A deeper hint on this most magnificent of thought process is:  BE it.  The Law will only work sometimes if you are ‘it’ only sometimes.  You need to BE the Law of Attraction at all times.

Think wider than yourself:  Many people study The Law and apply it to their own lives, then find themselves moaning about the government, muttering about the state of the country, griping about their families, grimacing about their friends.  This of course means that you’re only applying The Law to one or two things that you want, and still suffering from everything outside your immediate energy field.

Ask yourself:  Is having a better internal world and personal success compromised by what the government do, problems in the country, personal, family, friendship, problems and so on?  If your answer is yes then remember that to have a truly happy life the world around you needs to be a happy place.

But you can’t change everyone else and the world:  No you can’t.  But you can practice The Law of Attraction in all things and become one of a groundswell of people affirming positive outcomes for our society so that The Law will live in us, outside us, and all around us.  Then  you won’t get the car of your dreams and find yourself sitting stationery in traffic developing an ulcer!

The ENTIRE Point?:  If you can have everything you want and be unaffected by society that’s great.  If you can’t then apply The Law everywhere, teach other people to apply it, and assert that we WILL all live in a happy, productive and successful society and get a government focussed on creating a great social structure who will be knowledgeable and spookily successful.

Don’t say you believe in The Law and then send out that everything else is rubbish, if you send out that any area of life is not working that will still impact on you – and everyone and everything else..

Your country needs YOU!

The world needs YOU!

Believe 100%!  BE 100%.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights

Deb Hawken – Life Coach, Writer, NLP Master Practitioner, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Medium.
07912 374226 – – email  Have a great day!

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