Timing is Everything

For over 20 years I’ve been writing my book “Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place?” and the version about to be published is neither its first version nor first title.

For a long time I thought I’d never do it, never find the time, the commitment, the interest or the passion to write that I had so long ago.  I doubted myself and my writing even though I’ve had goodness knows how many articles published.  I read other people’s books and felt “what the heck am I trying for when all these genius’ are writing magnificent things?”

A month ago I said to my husband that if I hadn’t committed myself to the book by the time we move house (which should be within 6 months) I would give up and we would buy a business for me to run.  Then I got a publisher, then I spoke to another publisher, and then a third one turned up.

Suddenly I’m writing like a whirlwind, everything seems so simple, the book has taken on a shape it’s never achieved before, and I know exactly what I want out of it and where I feel it sits in the great scheme of things.


I’ve also studied and trained in Cosmic Ordering/The Law of Attraction, and I can only conclude that some things need the right timing before they can be provided to us. It feels like the right time for the book and everything about it is effortless.

So if you’re struggling trying to do something you’ve dreamed of but somehow you’re just not in the zone, don’t worry.  If the dream isn’t meant to be it will fade, but trust me when I tell you that if the dream is meant to be it will haunt you every day of your life until the time is right.  This is a good thing, because you know that all the time the idea won’t go you will do whatever it is.

So don’t give up on yourself, and most importantly don’t give up on your dreams.


Author of Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place.
I’m taking names for pre-orders right now if you would like to put your name on the list please complete the contact form below.

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