The Spiritual Weapon

I’ve spent over 30 years on a path of Spiritual learning, and in that time I’ve learned not to refer to myself as Spiritual because I can’t live up to that concept in my own mind let alone in the varied ways that others seem to view it.

For me I am human because I’m here, and the more I study Spiritual thinking the more I realise how human I am.  I would dearly love to eradicate all anger, negativity, frustration, defensiveness, fear, need for approval, need to be heard, etcetera.  I would love to be able to view the world with total compassion and understanding.  I want all those things but I’m too human to have them.

Which is why when someone delivers the Spiritual Slap of “if you call yourself Spiritual…” I get a little testy because I don’t.  

I’m on a Spiritual path trying to learn what manifesting my Spirit in this life can mean and offering the results of 30+ years study to others through my forthcoming book, workshops, on-line training, and residential breaks, and just doing the best I can.

I have no wish to mentor others if I have to pretend that I’m perfect.  I want to mentor them in honesty, as a human being who has learned certain techniques that work and has a genuine desire to share those techniques and ideas with as many people as I possibly can.  And the one thing above all others that I want to help people with is inner strength and certainty so that they can create the life they want no matter what anyone else thinks, says or does.  I don’t wish to create dependence on anything, nor do I want the pressure of being seen to be Spiritual when I am human.  

Pinch me and I’ll yell, prick me with a pin and I’ll bleed, annoy me and I will get angry, and if you would like to know one thing that annoys me very much – it’s that people think they’re so Spiritual they have the right to use that as a weapon against others in order to try to diminish them.  I hate that more than I have words to tell you.

Because being Spirit is just what we are as far as I’m concerned.  I truly believe in mind, body, Spirit as a fact rather than a concept.  I genuinely believe that everyone has a Spiritual element and everyone is equal in this.  Yes life can screw us all up, but none are better than any other.  People like me have been blessed with someone to put our feet on this path, mentors, and the knowledge provided by other people and Spirit Guides to help us keep going.  None of that makes me different because everything I have been blessed with is available to every other human being on this planet.

So, at the end of the day no one is better than any other, no one owns Spirituality it is simply part of our make up, and no one should define it, endow it on someone else, and then immediately take it away in order to diminish another human being.  That is not Spiritual, it’s just another weapon of mass destruction.

Full stop.

Deb Hawken – Being Human!


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