I Know I Used to Have a Memory but I Can’t Remember When

Age and memory huh? We know we’re supposed to lose it as we get older so lose it we do. We can’t remember names, faces, the titles of films particularly the one wotsit was in. You know him, he starred in that other film with the guy who used to be on tele and the woman who was married to thingy who I think has been in something with George Clooney.

I will admit that I had been buying into this myth of ageing and worrying that my mind wasn’t what it used to be, always assuming it wasn’t my poor memory telling me that I used to have a memory and in fact that memory was false because my memory was now so bad I really couldn’t remember.

However, I’m a bit of a bookworm and recently came across an old favourite – Tony Buzan – and his book on “The Age Heresy: Achieve More – Not Less – As You Get Older. Full details below (to make sure you remember to read all the way to the end).

I was delighted to discover that I do still have a memory capable of remembering and recalling lots of stuff, except where I put my glasses, why I’ve brought the jam upstairs instead of the washing, and why the cats are safely indoors and Tony is locked out in the garden.

The only difference between us and the younger generations is that we are seconds slower on recall because the mature mind is a repository of a great deal of information the young haven’t lived long enough to know, and when we want to remember something we have a great deal more sifting to do. Thereby also providing proof that the young don’t know everything yet otherwise they’d think slower.

Because I’m in my Rockin’ Rebellious 50’s I was not going to take the word of an internationally known author and expert in the field without running a proper scientific study with all the checks and balances thereby involved; but no scientists because I don’t know any. So I decided to do the ‘Credit Card Test’.

When I was young I had a memory like a computer and apart from being able to telephone every hospital in Greater London without looking up the number I could always quote my credit card number without looking at the card; then I got divorced and had to change credit cards.

This was rather a nuisance, but not one worth remarrying for, as I was going to have to have a new credit card and I was I older so remembering the long number across the middle would be impossible. Of course it was impossible because I’d fallen for the age myth and decided that it would be so, and the mind does as it’s told.

Flash forward 20 years and here I am deciding that now I’m going to remember that number. I felt extremely brave. “Can’t be too difficult” I thought because I’d seen it a million times over the past 20 years (sorry Tony I meant twenty or so times) so the number should be in there somewhere. I looked at it, I remembered it, job done, my mind was saved!

Two weeks later we discovered that our credit card provider’s computer systems have been hacked and we have to have a new credit card. I lifted up my eyes to the Universe from whence cometh my salvation and screamed “Are you freakin’ kidding me? I finally memorise the bleeping number and you bleeping do this to me!” I had to blame the Universe because I didn’t know the name of the hacker I needed to curse with halitosis and genital warts!

Two weeks after that – credit card-less and therefore bored on a Saturday – we received our new credit cards. With a heavy heart I looked at the number it would now take me a further 20 years to remember, and I remembered it straight away, security pin and all. I still do and this was well over a year ago.

In reading the Tony Buzan book which deals with a lot more than memory, I had deleted the programming that ageing requires a general deterioration of everything from your hair to your toenails; including a sagging of everything including your mind. I had now accepted into my reality that the brilliant memory I was born with hadn’t gone anywhere. It was right there in my head and all I needed to do was trust it.

The details of the book are:

“The Age Heresy: You Can Achieve More – Not Less – As You Get Older”.
Tony Buzan and Raymond Keen
Epub ISBN: 9781448116478
Published by Random House
First published in 1996

Happy reading and trust your own mind and not the trash talking negative belief systems with which we’re surrounded.

Happy Youthful Rebellion


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