Rather than call this “About me” I wanted to say “Hi” to you.  So “Hi”.

When people ask about me I always find myself thinking “What about YOU?”  Who are you, my reader, what do you need?  Because the focus of my work is the people who come to me for help and I’m always asking myself when I write “What’s bothering them?”

If you seek to inspire then by definition you can’t write about you, other people inspire you, you inspire others, they pay it forwards.  That’s how life, and inspiration, work.

However, if you do want to know about me I’m a highly qualified crazy cat lady.  I started this journey, without cats, when I was 23 years old and in a rather black hole.  Now being the kind of person I am I couldn’t let that situation continue so I had to get help to fight my way out, which I did in the form of a mentor who was as Spiritual as he was just plain practical.  We obviously gelled very well because I’m the same.

When the detractors insist on acting as if Spirituality is woo woo and doesn’t belong in the real world I find myself wanting to scream at them that Spirituality is here and now, inside us, waiting to be used.  It’s the truth of who we were born to be minus the confusion that upbringing and meeting other people creates inside our heads.  A confusion which presses the off button and stops us listening to the voice box inside our heart that tells us the truth.

I want to tell them that mind, body, spirit is not a cliché that only belongs on a plastic sign strung across the entrance to a show, or a label in a book shop.  I want to tell them that it’s a concept worth hearing, a reality worth living, and a voice worth listening to.  However, I never argue with the intentionally deaf as I once read in a scientific type article somewhere that you only have exactly the heartbeats you need to live exactly the length of life that you are intended to live; to me heartbeats mean breaths and I am not wasting one breath on someone who really doesn’t want to be opened up to new ideas.  Besides which it’s just plain rude to push your beliefs down the throat of someone who really doesn’t want them.  And I am not rude (I created Deb Hawken’s Kindness Space on Facebook so I’m not allowed to be, lol).

Anyhoo…Several years after I started on this path, dis-acquired one husband and met a far better model that I’m still with today, gained 10 cats in all but mislaid a few to an acquisitive Spirit World (I don’t blame Spirit, the cats were gorgeous), and still mother six of them (in others words do as I’m told or risk tantrums, just like any mum lol).  I’ve done a lot of training in order to work with people, and I still continue to learn because to me every human being I meet is unique and they don’t need to get better my way.  They need a toolbox full of tools that they can choose from, swap between, and generally have fun with.

Fun?  Well why get better the hard and miserable way?

Deb Hawken – smiling for you until you can beam away yourself!


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  1. find says:

    I dugg some of you post as I thought they were very useful very useful

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