The Rise of the Rockin’ 50s

The Rise of the Rockin’ 50s

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Welcome to my new blog inspired by a discovery made on my latest self-improvement and information gathering course.  I like information because you never know what you don’t know; all the processing keeps the mind young; and as long as you’re still curious you know you haven’t become ‘the older generation’.

I recently decided that now I’ve nearly finished my first book I would kick my public speaking work back into gear, so where better to start than on a professional course run by a professional company who count among their members some pretty sassy, original and 7 figure inspirational speakers  – and me!  I decided it was about time to overcome my isolationalism (otherwise known as authoring) and join something new.

The first thing they said was “pick a target audience”.  “I am NOT going to be pigeonholed” I thought “I am a GEMINI, we are FLEXIBLE.  I am highly trained in a number of very important disciplines and I can pick INSPIRATION out of THIN AIR SO THERE!”

I find the entire idea of a pigeonhole deeply annoying because each client is individual and deserves to be treated that way, after all I’m a life coach not a teacher forced to deliver a government inspired curriculum for the terminally similar who are of course nothing at all alike and every teacher knows that.

I’ve trained in several different disciplines across a broad range of thought practices just so I could have a toolbox full of methods to help all these wonderful individuals that I’m going to save from a fate worse than death (or accountancy).

I believe in inspiration and flexibility (as long as I don’t have to wrap my feet round my head during yoga), and this super-successful person who has it all and knows how I can get it wants to put me into a pigeonhole and won’t even give me a pigeon!  That’s just cruel!

However, he asked us to think about what really matters to us and I realised that what gets up my nose is the attitude to age not just from the media but inside our own heads.  For some reason ageing can bring fear and a feeling of life having passed you by and I wanted to encourage people to stay active and embrace new challenges until they’re at least 90.

We live in a culture where doctors, television programmes, newspapers and magazines are only too delighted to tell you the many different ways your life’s in danger;  where women are thrown off TV when they get a frown line, and a D-Day Veteran who had to escape his nursing home in order to attend the D-Day ceremonies is described in the papers as a ‘game old boy’ rather than a still strong man with Dunkirk determination.

When we were asked to stand up and in a few short words explain who our target market was I found myself saying “I’m 57 and I want to inspire people to be youthful until they’re 90!”  And I realised that’s true.

So now I had a pigeon hole with one sentence in it, but still no pigeon and I like pets.  Mind you, I wouldn’t mind a kitten in my pigeonhole, but that’s another story and likely the ramblings of an older mind.  However, I’m nothing if not resourceful, so this blog will be appropriate to:

  •        Anyone in their 40s
  •        Anyone older
  •        Anyone younger

Why am I including the youngsters in my Rockin’ 50’s Super Club?  Because only us Golden Oldies are truly able to teach them how often you can muck up before you’re 50 and how to avoid those snafus, bug-a-boos, rolls of fat and creaking joints.

However, inspiring the Rockin’ 50’s to live, rebel and rock this life will be my primary focus and believe me as well as creating some of that truly best medicine, laughter, I am going to be seeking information and inspiration to help us all live a more active and joyful life.

We can’t give up and sit on sofas watching questionable TV until we’re too stiff to move when there’s a life out there, mountains to climb and chaos to cause.  We just can’t because it’s our life and it needs LIVING not surviving.

Plus we have a duty to show the younger generation how to age well.  Both my Grandmothers reached a ripe old age – 87 1/2 and 98 1/2 respectively – and they’re my greatest inspiration.  They didn’t give up on life, they kept their interest in what was going on around them, and no one told them what to do – and if they did they didn’t do it.

Grandmother 87 1/2 once went on a day trip by coach with the other residents from her nursing home.  7.30 pm came and went and no coach load of wrinklies appeared back at the nursing home.  8.00 pm, 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm passed and they were practically ready to call the police, just as my grandmother brought back a coach load of drunken pensions post pub crawl.  She’d bribed the coach driver to stop at a few pubs on the way home.  I want to be worse than her!

If you love your family then it’s your duty to show them how to age well, to encourage them to keep their bodies moving and their minds alive, and to be curious about life and ready to learn new things.  If you get stuck in a rut they probably will.  If you stop learning they might think they know it all.  If you stop living they could very well spend their 60s, 70s and 80s talking about their 30s and 40s.  If you reject new inventions they may do the same.  No, our job is to age well retaining lively minds, good memories and a passion for life.

I was once part of a team that discovered two very good Tarot Readers, one was 76 and the other 79.  The female said to us that each week she attended a coffee morning with a group of friends and it was the turn of one each week to introduce the others to something new.  It was her turn the following week and boy was she looking forward to it.  The retired Brigadier was going round the table reading everyone’s cards for them and blowing minds right, left and centre including his own.  He was fascinated and it was a wonderful experience; one of those that makes you feel you’re blessed rather than working.

So this is my new blog, my new venture and my new focus, and hopefully this is the one straightforward blog you’re going to read, I’m after giggles and gut bellowing laughter from now on.

If you feel that you’ve gone wrong and there’s no getting back then give me a call because there is no way back but there’s always a way forwards.  There is always a way to change your life no matter how old you are and no matter how deeply you’ve shovelled yourself into a rut.

If you’ve recently retired or have that ending looming on your horizon and have no idea what to do with the rest of your life other than veg in a chair or finally catch up with the list of household tasks that have needed doing since 1962, let me know and we will find you a distraction that will keep your mind alive, your heart beating to the tune of an enthusiastic drummer, and your thoughts off ball cocks!

Until the next blog

Rebel properly, walk on the wild side, and if you wear 6″ heels insure your ankles.

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Loneliness – All in the Mind?

I’ve spent a great deal of my life feeling extraordinarily lonely for a number of reasons many of them sad and messy and a few factual, like being married to a New Zealander and living in the UK.

My chosen lifestyle of writer doesn’t help, nor does having a husband who works at senior management level and has to put in the hours necessary to get the job done.  When you have a partner working at this level you understand that there is a high price to pay for money and that price is isolation.

We’ve never had children, we couldn’t have them, and although mercifully that wasn’t a particular disaster for us it does mean that we’ve never made friends through the children’s schools or with the parents of our children’s friends.  When you’re childless there is an entire network of communication that is closed to you; especially in this day and age when loitering outside a school hoping to make friends would probably get you arrested.

We’ve done a number of hobbies and met some amazing people, but if you’re unfortunate enough to have to leave the hobby you usually find that the people still doing it drift away because they don’t know what to talk to you about and anyway you’ve rejected their passion.  That’s sad because I can talk to anyone about anything at great length and I’m certainly the sum of more than one hobby.  However…

The upshot of this for me has been that there have been many, many times when I’ve really needed help there has been no one there and at times I’ve known an aloneness that’s been almost crippling.  Take 1999 for instance, I lost one father, three uncles and a cat in 12 months.  I was on semester break from University from the middle of May (no exams for historians) until the beginning of September – and my husband’s company was in serious trouble so it was all hands on deck for all hours of the day to work through the crisis.  However, this meant that I was alone from 7.30 in the morning to between 9.30 pm and midnight most days, and sometimes part of the weekend too.  Where were my friends you ask?  They were giving me space because they knew I needed it!  Don’t worry, I still need the space so I’m not troubled by them any more.

I’m only saying all this to demonstrate to those reading this that what I’m going to say next a) comes from experience and b) works!  So please don’t feel any lack of sympathy or empathy in my words, it’s just that sometimes there is a simple truth.


That’s your simple truth.  You see, there is always more than one truth operating on any situation and it depends which truth you choose as to how you’re going to feel about and respond to the facts of your life.  This mindset doesn’t just cover loneliness, it covers attitude towards money, aspects of health and fitness, career success, determination to change your life, and most importantly – your willingness to be happy.

You might be thinking “Willingness to be happy?  Everyone wants to be happy don’t they?”  People definitely think and believe that they want to be happy, but ask yourself this: why do so many people choose to remain in unhappy situations that aren’t working for them if they genuinely want to be happy?  Who do you?

Conceptual Living

There is a big difference between knowing something, believing something, and making that something real in your life by being it.  We all know the rules, we’ve read the positive thinking books, our social media walls are flooded with pretty pictures with inspiring words on them, and we all absolutely totally and positively definitely believe in all those good things.  Except we don’t make them real.

Yes, you have to make those things happen.  Loneliness is a good example of conceptually wanting not to be lonely and factually not going out and meeting new people.  Of living in an area where you can’t make friends, believing it’s entirely your fault, and refusing to move away to somewhere you feel happier in yourself.  Of working in a company where the staff are unfriendly, believing it’s entirely your fault that you can’t make friends, and refusing to job hunt and find a company where you’ll be more comfortable.  Of staying in evenings and weekends instead of getting a hobby (yes you might find your friends disappear with the hobby if it doesn’t work for you, but you’ll at least have something in common for a time), instead of going into a coffee shop and smiling at people, striking up conversations in queues.  Instead of taking up fitness and being sparkly and chatty at the gym.  Sparkly you ask?  Read on.

The Magnetic Glow

When you feel wonderful in yourself you will attract people, when you slump around with a face like a wet weekend they will be scared to approach you because they have enough problems of their own without risking meeting a negative nelly.  Anyway, who wants to meet someone who’s stomping around in grotty trainers and sweatpants and a singularly unattractive zip up hoody thing , their hair in tatters, and looking like they’d rather bite you than speak to you.  Ok so George Clooney meets lots of people who would like to bite him but that’s a different issue entirely and taking the search for meaningful communication too far.

Seriously, even if you feel like garbage having a haircut, buying some clothes you feel good in, wearing footwear that puts a spring in your step, and colouring in your face can all make a big difference to how you feel and how you walk out into the world.  Everyone loves a smiley face, shoulders back, hips swinging and the sound of a happy tune.  They want to know this person because they might enhance their life and be up for some fun, rather than drag them further down into the mire of 21st Century living.

The Magnetic Attitude

You’ve heard of cosmic ordering and The Law of Attraction, and you may or may not believe in it, but here’s one plain fact, Monty Python were right “Always look on the bright side of life da dum, da da da da da dum…”  There are enough real problems in life without you consciously or subconsciously choosing to find the worst in everything.  And guess what happens when you look for the worst in everything?  You find it, and you find more of it.  People who tell you that they don’t have to go looking for trouble if they stand still long enough it will come and find them, usually a) accept a lot of bad treatment and b) stand still a lot.  They don’t tend to be big on change.

So, quite seriously and without a woo-woo or weird thought in my head, adjust your attitude now.  Don’t think about how much money you don’t have, think about how you can do your best with what you have and find more.  There are reasons that rich people are rich, they don’t sit around waiting for someone to make everything right.  They worked hard at school, maybe they went to university, or like Richard Branson they beavered their way from the bottom to the top.  Theo Paphetis was born in a poverty-stricken Greek village.  J. K. Rowling was an abandoned wife and single mother struggling to feed her kinds, but instead of complaining she sat all night writing Harry Potter, and when no one would publish the first book she self published.

Not all the rich and successful were born wealthy, they have a rich and successful mindset and you can have that too.  It’s very hard when you don’t have enough money to feed your family, but one thing is for certain and that is that something needs to change and instead of thinking about what you can’t do ask yourself what you can do.  If you struggled to study at school find out if you’re dyslexic, sort that out and maybe you can take some courses and change your lot in life.  Can you move somewhere there is more work?  I don’t know what you can do you have to decide that, but I do know that you should never believe in can’t.  At the end of the day a good attitude will draw help towards you and a bad attitude won’t.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

You might be thinking “I thought this was about loneliness and she’s rabbiting on about money and work”, but loneliness is the same as lack of anything, when you focus on what you lack you don’t focus on what you have, or what you can do.

In order to become a magical attractor of the life you desire you will have to smarten up your thinking, focus on what you do have, and get out there and make changes in your life.  There simply is no other way to escape the dungeon in which you find yourself.  There are 7 billion people out there and I will guarantee you that a lot of them would love to meet you especially if you’re wearing a smile.  There are people out there waiting for you to be their friend because they’re lonely too, and if you haven’t met ‘the one’ in the area in which you live or through your work or hobbies then you need to do something different somewhere different in order to fill that hole in your life.

Take Action

We inspirational speakers and writers are positively boring on the subject of doing, but doing nothing achieves nothing 100% of the time.  Fact.

Go to museums and wander round smiling.  Engage strangers in conversation in art galleries on the relative merits of light.  Get your friends to party with you and if they won’t go to singles groups and bars with a first intention of making friends and a second intention of snaring a Clooney look-alike, the female equivalent thereof, or whatever floats your boat.

Just do something or nothing will change.  And never, ever let the attitude of others define who you are.  You are a person worth knowing and there are people out there who want to know you, go find them.


Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and a pleasantly full social life


Look out for my new book “Who Am I, Where Am I, What is This Place?” out soon.



The Spiritual Weapon

I’ve spent over 30 years on a path of Spiritual learning, and in that time I’ve learned not to refer to myself as Spiritual because I can’t live up to that concept in my own mind let alone in the varied ways that others seem to view it.

For me I am human because I’m here, and the more I study Spiritual thinking the more I realise how human I am.  I would dearly love to eradicate all anger, negativity, frustration, defensiveness, fear, need for approval, need to be heard, etcetera.  I would love to be able to view the world with total compassion and understanding.  I want all those things but I’m too human to have them.

Which is why when someone delivers the Spiritual Slap of “if you call yourself Spiritual…” I get a little testy because I don’t.  

I’m on a Spiritual path trying to learn what manifesting my Spirit in this life can mean and offering the results of 30+ years study to others through my forthcoming book, workshops, on-line training, and residential breaks, and just doing the best I can.

I have no wish to mentor others if I have to pretend that I’m perfect.  I want to mentor them in honesty, as a human being who has learned certain techniques that work and has a genuine desire to share those techniques and ideas with as many people as I possibly can.  And the one thing above all others that I want to help people with is inner strength and certainty so that they can create the life they want no matter what anyone else thinks, says or does.  I don’t wish to create dependence on anything, nor do I want the pressure of being seen to be Spiritual when I am human.  

Pinch me and I’ll yell, prick me with a pin and I’ll bleed, annoy me and I will get angry, and if you would like to know one thing that annoys me very much – it’s that people think they’re so Spiritual they have the right to use that as a weapon against others in order to try to diminish them.  I hate that more than I have words to tell you.

Because being Spirit is just what we are as far as I’m concerned.  I truly believe in mind, body, Spirit as a fact rather than a concept.  I genuinely believe that everyone has a Spiritual element and everyone is equal in this.  Yes life can screw us all up, but none are better than any other.  People like me have been blessed with someone to put our feet on this path, mentors, and the knowledge provided by other people and Spirit Guides to help us keep going.  None of that makes me different because everything I have been blessed with is available to every other human being on this planet.

So, at the end of the day no one is better than any other, no one owns Spirituality it is simply part of our make up, and no one should define it, endow it on someone else, and then immediately take it away in order to diminish another human being.  That is not Spiritual, it’s just another weapon of mass destruction.

Full stop.

Deb Hawken – Being Human!


Timing is Everything

For over 20 years I’ve been writing my book “Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place?” and the version about to be published is neither its first version nor first title.

For a long time I thought I’d never do it, never find the time, the commitment, the interest or the passion to write that I had so long ago.  I doubted myself and my writing even though I’ve had goodness knows how many articles published.  I read other people’s books and felt “what the heck am I trying for when all these genius’ are writing magnificent things?”

A month ago I said to my husband that if I hadn’t committed myself to the book by the time we move house (which should be within 6 months) I would give up and we would buy a business for me to run.  Then I got a publisher, then I spoke to another publisher, and then a third one turned up.

Suddenly I’m writing like a whirlwind, everything seems so simple, the book has taken on a shape it’s never achieved before, and I know exactly what I want out of it and where I feel it sits in the great scheme of things.


I’ve also studied and trained in Cosmic Ordering/The Law of Attraction, and I can only conclude that some things need the right timing before they can be provided to us. It feels like the right time for the book and everything about it is effortless.

So if you’re struggling trying to do something you’ve dreamed of but somehow you’re just not in the zone, don’t worry.  If the dream isn’t meant to be it will fade, but trust me when I tell you that if the dream is meant to be it will haunt you every day of your life until the time is right.  This is a good thing, because you know that all the time the idea won’t go you will do whatever it is.

So don’t give up on yourself, and most importantly don’t give up on your dreams.


Author of Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place.
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It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money (thank you singer Jessie J)

Different folks, different strokes as they say, and like all things in life there are as many approaches as raindrops on a rainy day, and all of them have relevance – unless the approach you’re using doesn’t work for you.  Let’s use me as an example.

I have many good friends who believe in the idea of setting an amount of money they want to earn and aiming for it.  They believe that the focus on a specific amount encourages them to take the steps they need to take in order to achieve their goal.  It certainly seems to do so for them.  It didn’t for me.

For a long time I tried to take this advice and failed constantly.  I knew the amount per year, broke that down per month, adjusted for quiet months such as January, August and December, and broke that down weekly.  I never got anywhere close.  All of the time I was aware that I hadn’t hit my weekly or monthly target, and eventually I forgot about it because I just wasn’t getting there.  I felt like a failure.

Then I studied the Law of Attraction and I realised that this approach would never work for me because it put me into a mindset of lack.  I didn’t have the money.  I wasn’t earning the money.  Therefore I lacked the money, the determination, the focus and the success.  Big F for failure!

What does work for me is focussing totally and only on the work that I love and not worrying about the money.  Why does it work?  Because I now focus only on the love of what I do and the money is certainly following that.  I believe that’s because I haven’t been thinking about the money I’ve been focussing on creating the links, the relationships, and the work.

Another example.  All my adult life I’ve struggled with my weight, battling every day to keep it within normal parameters for my height and BMI.  Then I started to forget about it because other fun, happy things took precedence, and I noted that my weight was a little lower than normal and holding very steady.  However, something put my mind back on to weight and for the last 5 weeks it has misbehaved badly and crept up, dropped a bit, gone straight back up and so on.  This is because no matter how hard you think you’re thinking about losing weight you’re actually thinking about being overweight, and the Universe is sending weight to you.

So the message is, focus on what matters to you, what motivates you, and what works for you.

If you just can’t work for money then don’t, work for love, and the fact that you’re working and charge money for that work will bring in the money.  However, you will not go out and create work if in your mind you’re focussing on something that makes you feel bad for whatever reason.  I have real problems in working for money, I have no problem with doing loads of the work I love, seeing the smile on people’s’ faces and charging a fair amount for my time.

When it comes to weight, ask yourself whether you really need to lose weight or an exercise programme, which would support your health, wellbeing and mobility (providing you’re sensible of course and if in doubt consult your GP).  The focus on health, wellbeing and mobility might be better for you.  You may have a dread of ageing physically and not being able to get about, or the desire to get into that little black dress for the party season, whatever your motivation is if you can’t control your weight then better to motivate yourself in a manner that works for you.

At the end of the day no one is wrong or right, but if you choose the focus of another person it won’t feel right and you won’t create the right energy for you around whatever it is you want to achieve.

Be yourself, do it your way.

Deb Hawken
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Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place? And when can I start screaming? (c)

Front cover ideaJPGThis is the title of the book I am writing that has taken its first step towards publication by interesting a publisher.  I thought for those interested it might be helpful to give you an idea of what the book is about and what it will cover.

The premise of the book is that we are born, raised and then let loose on the world.  Once we are free to do as we please we discover that far from being a completely created adult we have a lot to learn.  At the age of 18 that’s pretty much ok, but as you move through your life it becomes less ok that you have very little idea of who you are.

For some, being a clone of their parents and a mish-mash of everything their teachers and peers have taught them is great, for others there is a sense that there is more to life than this but they have no idea what the more is.

They have followed a similar path to their parents (birth, walking and talking, school, college, university, work, parties, partners, flat, house, children, holidays, retirement) but somehow that path doesn’t suit them and they don’t know why.

They are the same character as their family and yet people don’t respond well to them and they keep getting hurt.  They meet ‘the one’ only to have the relationship implode a few months later, and land up hurt (again) with no idea why this wretched pattern keeps repeating itself.

They feel lost a lot of the time, hopeless some of the time, bored almost all the time, and ready to scream…only they don’t know what about.

SOMETHING is wrong.   SOMETHING needs to change.  They don’t know what it is or how to change whatever it is.  They want to reach out to SOMEONE to help them, but don’t know who to contact or what questions to ask.  They’re not in need of counselling or coaching, or medical intervention, nothing bad is really happening and even if it is it’s just life isn’t it?

They may have even investigated the Spiritual field but found nothing there that would answer that fundamental question “Who am I?”.  Or the BIG question “What on earth is wrong with me that I can’t feel happy where I am?”  They may have tried studying psychic work, Mediumship or the Tarot, or on the other hand not be interested in any of that ‘stuff’ at all, but still need help. c

This is where this book comes in.  When I started on this path I had no idea that the Spiritual field existed.  I had heard of Doris Stokes, read her books, seen her Demonstrate.  I had also been taken to see a local Medium demonstrate.  Both were very good and it was extremely interesting, but it had nothing whatsoever to do with my life.  It was just a rather original form of entertainment and some very interesting books, but none of it answered the question of why I was so lost.

That was my big question.  I had spent my entire life trying to be a good person, not always succeeding in my own mind and absolutely definitely NEVER succeeding in the minds of others.  I was a very weak person at one time and got roundly condemned for that, then I started working on myself, grew stronger, started to stand up for myself and was wrong again.

I married the wrong man and was called a fool for staying, I divorced that man and was dumped by everyone I knew because I’d left him and he was upset.  Even people at work who saw every day the way he treated me and had given me several ‘talking to’s’ sided with him.

I met my current husband at a nightclub 6 weeks later and nearly everyone who I thought knew me thought I’d had an affair!  I simply couldn’t believe it.  What should have been the happiest time in my life having found a man who to this very day loves me, likes me, supports me above and beyond the call of duty, and treats me with respect, became my worst nightmare of loneliness and desperation.  The actions of those around me tainted the happy first months that Tony and I were together, and at the time I could only conclude that in the eyes of others it was great for me to be miserable, I was stupid to be completely miserable, but when I risked literally everything to change that I was still wrong.

My marriage had been a living hell and I will admit that just for a few moments I considered suicide, so I went straight to the doctors and she said “You have three choices, suicide but you won’t do that because you love life too much; staying with him, but you can’t do that because you will lose your sanity; building up your inner strength and leaving him, which you will do because that’s who you are.”  Fortunately she didn’t give me tablets for depression she offered me her unstinting help and support and kept her word.

I went home and called my friend Keith who was a Hypnotherapist, and asked him if hypnotherapy could help me as my mind was so confused.  It felt like several balls of wall that had been played with by kittens!  I just could not think.

Keith came round the next night and that visit changed my life, because Keith told me that I wasn’t me!  I was the victim of centuries of family programming that had filtered down from parent to child over the generations but that programming had finally reached a person who couldn’t live it!

He told me that I was probably about 10,000 years old, had lived many lifetimes and built up a store of my own wisdom that I could start to access again if I would change my attitude towards life and let go of beliefs that didn’t resonate with me.

I had no idea what I thought of the things he was saying, they were things I’d never encountered before and as foreign as Greek.  Yet something inside me said “this is real” and I felt as if a million tonnes of shackles had dropped away and I was finally free.  I felt like a new-born with no idea who I was – but strangely that felt wonderful!

Over the intervening 33 years from that night to this moment, I have studied books, with people, and with my Spirit Guides and learned how to completely change my character, my thoughts, my words, my deeds, and my inner self.  It’s been a long hard road but every day I have felt a bit better, and it is the most worthwhile journey I have ever undertaken.

I cannot tell you all the changes that have happened to me because it would make this blog into a book in itself, but I can tell you one thing.  The ideas that Keith put to me are real, they work, they belong in everyday life, you have no need to believe in the existence of Spirit if you don’t want to, as long as you are ready to manifest a part of yourself that wants to be happy, successful and kind, you can work with these ideas.

I will be writing from a Spiritual viewpoint, but for me that translates to life viewpoint.  Yes I am a Medium and yes I have something I had never heard of when I met the first one – a Spirit Guide.  However, he’s as down-to-earth as anyone you will meet here and his advice is always gentle, strong, kind and practical.  So if you’re looking for fluffy bunnies in my book you won’t find any.  You will find the great, honest, simple, workable advice that changed my mind, my thoughts, my personality and my life into something wonderful and fun, fun, fun!  Most of them time.  It belongs in and works in the real world, now.

Yes bad times have affected me, but with the help of these beliefs those times have been manageable, and the bad memories have faded to leave only the good ones.

However, at the end of the day you need only know one thing about this book, I learned the hard way and I’ve written it to help you change the easy way.  It’s roots are in unconditional love, it’s reason is that you the reader may have been hurt and feel that no one cares but I wrote this book because I do care.  I really do.

Whoever you are you are important to me, your happiness matters, you are a valuable human being, and if you’re unhappy you’re in the wrong place with the wrong people doing the wrong thing, and I want to be your Guide out of that space and into the light.

That’s all you really need to know – I am the SOMEONE who wants to help you and cares, and this book is the SOMETHING that will help.


Deb Hawken
Personal Change Manager

Thinking about The Law of Attraction

images (1)When I study something it isn’t so that I can put it on my website and make it part of my work, I study to find out about things, to see how they work, to discover whether they’re worth working with, and only when I feel that I’ve ‘got it’ myself do I widen that work out into the public domain.

The Law of Attraction wasn’t something that I understood easily, I read quite a few books on it, looked at other people’s thoughts and opinions, observed whether it worked for myself and others, tried and misfired (hence the article about me in a mainstream magazine that turned out to be in Auto Express which is not the natural home of Life Coaches, Writers and Mediums), and then I undertook and passed one course and am part-way through the advanced level.  It’s very simple but sometimes that simplicity is turned into complexity in the human mind until it becomes too hard for us to understand purely because it’s so simple.  That’s when we start missing the point.

An easy beginning point is:  Keep your mind in a good place at all times, when a bad thought pops in let it go and refocus on the life you want.  Picture it in detail.  Hold the image.

A deeper hint on this most magnificent of thought process is:  BE it.  The Law will only work sometimes if you are ‘it’ only sometimes.  You need to BE the Law of Attraction at all times.

Think wider than yourself:  Many people study The Law and apply it to their own lives, then find themselves moaning about the government, muttering about the state of the country, griping about their families, grimacing about their friends.  This of course means that you’re only applying The Law to one or two things that you want, and still suffering from everything outside your immediate energy field.

Ask yourself:  Is having a better internal world and personal success compromised by what the government do, problems in the country, personal, family, friendship, problems and so on?  If your answer is yes then remember that to have a truly happy life the world around you needs to be a happy place.

But you can’t change everyone else and the world:  No you can’t.  But you can practice The Law of Attraction in all things and become one of a groundswell of people affirming positive outcomes for our society so that The Law will live in us, outside us, and all around us.  Then  you won’t get the car of your dreams and find yourself sitting stationery in traffic developing an ulcer!

The ENTIRE Point?:  If you can have everything you want and be unaffected by society that’s great.  If you can’t then apply The Law everywhere, teach other people to apply it, and assert that we WILL all live in a happy, productive and successful society and get a government focussed on creating a great social structure who will be knowledgeable and spookily successful.

Don’t say you believe in The Law and then send out that everything else is rubbish, if you send out that any area of life is not working that will still impact on you – and everyone and everything else..

Your country needs YOU!

The world needs YOU!

Believe 100%!  BE 100%.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights

Deb Hawken – Life Coach, Writer, NLP Master Practitioner, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Medium.
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